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Boat-Eze Wash and Wax

Boat-Eze Wash & Wax 

Generates a rich lubricating foam which emulsifies dirt particles and rinses them away without creating scratches or swirl marks on the boat surface. Leaves an incredibly clean and bright shine without stripping the wax from the boat. Concen- trated formula.

Boat-Eze Deck & Hull Cleaner

Boat-Eze Deck & Hull 

Cleaner quickly and effectively breaks down grease, oils and petroleum, from any surface. May also be used as a bilge cleaner. Concentrated formula.

Boat-Eze Instant Black Streak Remover

Boat-Eze Instant Black Streak Remover

Safe for all washable surfaces. Quickly and safely removes tree sap, black streaks and stains from fiberglass, canvas, plastic, metal and many other surfaces while restoring the richness of colors.

Boat-Eze Head Treatment

Boat-Eze Head Treatment and Deodorizer

Breaks down waste, controls holding tank odors, gassing and allows pump out at any dumping station. Keeps drain valves, seals and gaskets from sticking. Perfect treatment for marine and RV toilets.

Boat-Eze General Purpose Degreaser

Boat-Eze General Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser 

100% water based, hence no rinsing. Wipes away dirt and grease stains from heel marks, fingerprints, crayon, food stains and soap scum on most washable surfaces.

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